Idk if we were looking at the same picture but I saw nothing but an AWESOME flat tummy and toned, gorgeous arms! We always think we've got it worse off but seriously your body is banging and I WISH I had it! You look great

Ah thank you so much! Definitely needed to hear something like this. I think my stomach looks chunky and flabby, and my thighs are horrendous. But I do agree, we always see ourselves worse than we really are and I need to work on it. But Iā€™m sure you look great also! :)

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you are a wonderful and beautiful human being. I feel privileged that you share this world with me. please stay strong and keep my words close. you are fabulous and let no one tell you otherwise. Love, a secret admirer

Aw well thank you so much for the kind words. I’m trying to remember this. xx

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